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Introducing CANZUK Clothing

Welcome to CANZUK Clothing! No matter how you’ve come to read this post and become a part of us, thanks very much; we really appreciate it as we move forward together towards a future shared between Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Every purchase made here isn’t just for a shirt, or a sticker or a mug to show the world that you’re a supporter, a CANZUK-visionary, but 30% of the profits go to CANZUK International, to achieve the vision we’re all working towards together. At the moment, the Entrepreneur behind CANZUK Clothing does not draw any salary, so this isn’t somebody profiteering off CANZUK, merely trying to earn a living. It’s somebody like you - a young graduate seeking to combine his passion for Commonwealth Connectivity with his business degree.

Like any group of campaigners, we’ve all got different angles on CANZUK; different ways we’d benefit and different personal goals we’d see achieved when CANZUK comes to fruition. It could be that your dream job’s in Australia, or you’re wanting to be with your family in Canada, but one thing’s the same: We’re all here, pushing to see CANZUK become reality. We already share so much, And now we can all wear our shared CANZUK pride.

And because of that, we’re here to help. Welcome to CANZUK Clothing!

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